Monday, January 30, 2012

Bottom Line: This Book Will Help You Sell A Lot More On eBay


As someone who was deeply involved in direct marketing long before the Internet came along (as a copy writer), I’ve observed with amazement at how swiftly the Web swept away everything that was known – or seemed to be known -- about how to sell using what used to be called “direct mail marketing.”

Thousands of people once dreamed and lusted over the idea of starting a “mail order empire!” What you needed was a hot product and a really killer sales letter to “sell, sell sell!” In fact, you didn’t necessary even need a hot product! If you had sizzling sales copy that could grab attention, create interest, instill desire, persuade -- and persuade with a vengeance – you could even sell those proverbial refrigerators to those proverbial Eskimos.

We used to call this the AIDA formula: Attention, Interest, Desire and Action.

If you could create those four things in your sales copy, you had it made. You could sell anything, baby!

But when Internet sites such as eBay came along (and other platforms) millions of people thought we were in an all-new world. You could throw all that “old stuff” out the window. It no longer applied! As for eBay, for example, most people assume that all you have to do is throw you item out there, sit back and let the magic of the eBay system do the rest. The eBay search engine attracts and audience of buyers, it tells about and displays your product, and so on. The joy! You no longer need to hire an expensive copy writer! You no longer had to work on icky stuff like target marketing or buying lists of “hot prospects.” You no longer had to sweat to dream up “attention grabbing headlines.” With eBay, the product practically sells itself!

Well, GREG PERRY is here with your wake up call. He has some exciting news for you. Guess what: All of that “old stuff” should not only be made new again, but the fact is, the “old way” of selling never really went away! Selling in the Internet environment does not mean you don’t have to do just that – work at selling!

In this book, eXtreme eBay,Greg Perry walks you through some of the most tried and true selling methods of all time. He explains to you why they are still relevant, and if you employ them on sites like eBay, you can supercharge your ability to not only sell, sell a lot more -- but also at higher prices and profits for each item you want to move.

Perry expertly covers the fundamentals of direct marketing selling technique: Writing sizzling sales copy, writing killer, attention-grabbing headlines, using keywords effectively to attract more buyers – and he also covers some of the other best-of-all-time money-making strategies – such as the “up-sell” (do you want fries with that?), the “cross-sell” and the extremely important: “repeat sales.”

Those of us who have been around direct marketing for a long time, and who have paid our dues in the trenches of the pre-Internet realm, know that selling is selling – and that the fundamentals of the art of moving products did not disappear with the invention of the Internet.

I will say this, however: As a person who took years to learn to write persuasive, convincing, motivating sales copy, I can tell you that this is not a skill that just anyone can pick up easily. It is one thing, as Perry recommends, to write killer sales descriptions – it is another thing to do it well. To write truly marvelous eBay sales copy descriptions, you need to be a skilled writer. You have to know how to choose words, write tightly, lead the reader along, entice the reader, create desire in the reader – and that is a skill few people have, or will ever have – because it is high level of expertise -- believe me.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t at least try – or maybe even hire a professional copy writer to write your eBay descriptions for you if you are truly serious about selling, and selling a lot. The bottom line is, Greg Perry’s book, eXtreme eBay, reveals to you what you need to do to jazz up your eBay sales -- anyone who reads this book will sell more on eBay and make more money on eBay -- period.

Ken Korczak is the author of: SECRETS OF A GRANT WRITER


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