Friday, June 8, 2012

An expert author reveals insider secrets about the Amazon Kindle ebook publishing system that self publishers will find extremely valuable


Since I came up through the writing ranks slogging it out as a daily newspaper reporter, I'll apply one of the fundamental rules of basic journalism to this review right now. I won't "bury the lead." So my primary message is that I am recommending this book. It delivers what it advertises, and those who buy it, read it and apply it's ideas, will move their Kindle publishing careers forward.

So get the book. I bet you need it.

In a moment I will air a few qualified criticisms and some minor quibbles - but first a brief overview of what you will learn in this brief offering, AMAZON CATEGORIES CREATE BEST SELLERS, by much published author AGGIE VILLANUEVA

I've been in the kindle ebook publishing game for a number of years now, have learned a lot, but after reading this Kindle book, it made me realize there is still tons of stuff I don't know - and need to know. At least one revelation about a specific policy of Amazon was rather stunning to me. (That's right; I was floored!) It's something I didn't know, but now extremely glad I do.

I also already had a basic understanding about Amazon categories - but Villanueva has obviously been combing through Amazons methods and policies - analyzing everything in critical detail, and what she has discovered is significant and important. Those who want to sell more Kindle books, get more attention, get higher rankings - and get on best seller lists - must have the information offered here.

I'm also extremely thankful to the author for this: After learning how to check how my books were fairing in specific categories - I was delighted to discover that one of my own titles (SECRETS OF A GRANT WRITER) is a best seller in three categories! Woooo-hoooo! That's the kind of encouragement and motivation I needed just about now!

This is also valuable information I can use to leverage my marketing message to get more readers and more sales.

Now: I must say that there is a ton of self-promotion in this book - in my mind, a little more than is prudent. The real useful meat of the book doesn't really start until about 20% in. There are also links, links, links, and more links aplenty sending the reader to the author's other resource sites - these include tutorial videos and more in-depth information that expands on what is being discussed here.

There are two ways to look at this:

1. The cynical person may be turned off by what seems to be a heavy amount of self-promotion. After all, you paid for a book on this topic, right? Shouldn't all relevant information be packed into this document? Why pay an author for a bit of information and then scads of self-promotion designed to drive traffic to the author's other sites?

2. On the other hand: Most of the links are indeed useful to the reader and informative. Certainly, if one follows all the links, one will gain a rich treasury of valuable marketing information that will absolutely help you become a superior ebook marketer.

I'm in Camp 2. That's because I satisfied that the author has managed to create a win-win situation here - she is creating more traffic and interest in her own books and business - but doing it while providing an enormous service and aid to those of us who are eager to not only write ebooks - but get them into the hands of readers - and yes - make some cash.

Would I have included a little less self-promotion and author bio information? Yes, I would have. I have no doubt that some will be rubbed the wrong way by what at least appears to be a lot of self-serving links and promos. That's for all of you to decide.

For me, however, a driven writer and ebook publisher, this book is more than a short education on Amazon categories; it's packed with loads of additional resources that I am glad to have access to.

So I say, without reservation: Buy the book.

Ken Korczak is the author of: MINNESOTA PARANORMALA, VOLUME 1

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