Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pickle Bumps for Baby Dill by Bob Fulton is a delightful children's book with an important and timely message for today's adults and young people


Perhaps the image most people have of a college chemistry professor is that of a no-nonsense scientific-minded guy who demands exacting calculation and laboratory excellence from his students – but when I met Bob Fulton at a small-town arts fair recently, I encountered a warm, avuncular man who developed a happy twinkle in his eye when speaking of his cadre of chummy grandchildren.

BOB FULTON spent 39 years teaching chemistry at the university level, but in retirement, he’s the author of a charming children’s book, enchantingly illustrated by artist MELISSA MEYER. I had a chance to page through PICKLE BUMPS FOR BABY DILL and it’s a pure delight.

It’s the story of a dill pickle who was born slight different – without pickle bumps! (Gasp!) This situation affords an excellent opportunity for the author to address an issue which has been much in the media of late – bullying. So Pickle Bumps for Baby Dill is the story of a little pickle character who stands out because he’s not exactly like everyone else, yet he is embraced within an aura of acceptance by the pickle society he must grow up and make his way within.

Bob Fulton
Fulton rather ingeniously creates a variety of characters – olives and pickles – who have names certain to elicit laughter from young children. There’s Gert and Martin Gherkin, Olive Pitt and Karl Kalamta. It’s funny and replete with tongue twisters to challenge the kids start their enjoyment of reading early – with a timely, positive message of acceptance of those who are different among us.

So Pickle Bumps for Baby Dill gets my best recommendation for those looking for entertaining yet instructive for children. It’s designed to be read out loud and encourages adult-children interaction.

Bob Fulton spent his working life teaching chemistry, and now he has found a way to create a loving chemistry between children and adults -- and also catalyst of acceptance between those who might stand out as “different” in our society.

Further information: PICKLE BUMPS FOR BABY DILL

Ken Korczak is the author of: THE FAIRY REDEMPTION OF JUBAL CRANCH


  1. Ken
    Thanks for the kind comments!
    I would like people to know that my wife, Jackie, and I are available to do book readings and discussion of the book's important message. If interested, please check our website [www.picklebumppress.com] or Google "pickle bumps."

  2. You're welcome. This is a marvelous book!